It’s A Miracle!

When my nurse practitioner calls with the results of my x-rays, I am thrilled to hear that nothing is broken.  She tells me the pain is from a bone contusion and it could take several weeks to heal.   I can still run if I’m up to it.  I ask about managing the pain from the plantar fasciitis until my physical therapy starts and she apologizes immediately.

“Oh, I’m sorry I forgot to talk with you about that this morning.  I want you to start on a therapeutic dose of ibuprofen.”

“What’s that?  A therapeutic dose?”

“You need to take 800 mg three times a day.  For two to three weeks.  Make sure you keep taking that dosage, about every eight hours.  A lot of people forget to take it, and it really won’t be effective unless you keep the dosage up for the whole time.  It will eliminate the inflammation and give you a great start for physical therapy.”

“Tell me again?  800 mg?”

“Yup, that’s right.  Naproxen can really wreck your stomach.  The ibuprofen will be better.  Let me know how it goes.”

I hang up and turn to my husband.

“So, do we have any?”

He brings me my first dose—four shiny turquoise gel caps.  I toss them into my mouth and take a big swig of cold tea to wash them down.  It’s 9 pm on Tuesday.  I go to bed, noticing how much less my knee hurts.  Hmm.  Never thought of taking pills for this…

I wake up Wednesday morning and take the next dose with my coffee and some water.  When I stand up, I notice right away that I can put my full weight on my right foot.  I do not hobble to the bathroom.  I walk like a regular person.  I take my daughter to school, come home, throw on my sneakers and hit the road.  Five miles into the run and I have no pain.  My gait is not altered to favor the right heel.  Each step on the street is springy and easy.  I run the full length of the hill on Broadway at high speed.  Still no pain.  I write in my running log:  6 1/2 miles.  54 minutes.  Started taking ibuprofen.  It’s a MIRACLE!  I shower and see a client, then take the next dose.

When my three o’clock client shows up, he wants to go for a run.  I head out with him and find that I am still feeling good—the second run of the day is as easy as the first.  We do a three mile loop, then head inside to stretch and do some core and strength work.  I shower and change, then scamper into the kitchen to make dinner.  No hobbling.  No limping.  No bitching.  No pain.

I take the final dose of the day right before bedtime.  I wake up this morning and hop out of bed, almost forgetting that I have plantar fasciitis.  I drop off my daughter, see an early client, then for the second day in a row, I head out for a run.  I know I should take it easy, so keep it to four miles today.  I sprint home again.  Still good.  After cleaning up, I drive to the drug store and discover that there is a sale on ibuprofen gel caps.  I do the math and buy two big bottles, enough to last the whole three weeks if necessary.

Okay, so you are reading this and are ready to comment.  I can see it coming.  Elizabeth, you know you shouldn’t take too many of those ibuprofen pills.  They could damage your ________ .  (Go ahead and insert whatever it is I’m going to damage.  I don’t mind.)  You shouldn’t run too much, you know you still have plantar fasciitis.  Elizabeth, you are such a running ADDICT.  What is wrong with you?  Why can’t you take a break?

And maybe these are comments I might get.  But also,  they are clearly comments from myself that I’m unwilling to own, trying to shove off onto someone else.  Either way, I can take it.  Because it’s a miracle for me.  I am running pain-free for the first time in months and able to walk normally afterward.  Why did I never think of taking pills for this?  Those beautiful turquoise pills…might start calling them Runner’s Little Helpers.

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6 Comments on “It’s A Miracle!”

  1. Sharon Says:

    I can’t believe I have never mentioned this to you but I always start the morning of a run with a dose of advil; makes a world of difference to me and definitely helps with plantar fascitis and my hip! You always have to weigh the pros and cons of any medication but being able to run pain-free is a positive in my book. Be well!

  2. Pat Earle Says:

    Elizabeth ! Great news you have no pain..and seriously you are a big girl, it’s YOUR body so go for it..xox

  3. I used to take therapeutic doses of ibuprophen back when my carpal tunnel was bad (right hand). I also had a lot of pain and inflammation in my knuckles just from overworking the hand. The ibu really helped. But I did hear from the physical therapist that I should never take it on an empty stomach. FWIW.

  4. ann Says:

    lol I just googled turquoise gel caps ibuprofen…because I took two (400mg total) Fri noon for headache. At 5pm Fri night my feet/ankles were puffed up like balloons with dents in the flesh from my shoes. Wicked stuff-I do not have this reaction when I take the hard ibuprofen tablets. 4days later the swelling is slowly dissipating.

    • Hi Ann,
      Ibuprofen is horrible for me! In this particular case, it was a miracle for the duration of the time, despite the side affects (incredible discomfort in my belly, unable to sleep well, etc.). It’s always good to listen to our bodies and make our decisions on what works best for us as individuals. Am glad that you can at least take the hard ibuprofen tablets. Short term, they really work! Best to you, and thanks for reading!

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