Road Trip

Okay, it’s been a while since my last post.  Not to make excuses, but we have been kind of crazy with sorting all my husband’s parents’ stuff to prepare for an estate sale (THEY WERE SAVERS!!!), my dad has been back in the hospital and then in rehab, my husband’s office thinks they own him 24/7, and my daughter is a high school junior who still does not have a driver’s license. Something had to give, and it was not the running.

I am training for the Twin Lights Half Marathon on May 15, which essentially means I am still running most days, doing some intervals, speed work, a long run and a relaxed run.  Nothing different.  I am logging around 45 miles each week, mostly alone and in this cold, windy spring weather.  I feel good, though, no aches, no pains.  I am trying to utilize my gym membership so have taken up kickboxing on Tuesday nights.  I would never have imagined the pleasure I take in shoving my hands into thick boxing gloves and pounding the daylights out of some stranger who holds the hit pads.  The kicking is just okay, but the hitting?  Who knew?!!!

I also have taken a liking to the pull-up assist machine and a couple of other free-standing pieces of equipment that support me for core work at the gym.  Although I am seeing new and different muscle definition in my upper body, I think that when my three month membership is up, I will revert to the privacy of my living room and train with my free weights.  Going to the gym requires planning and effort.  The living room is right there, no driving, no packing, no excuses.  But I may still go to kickboxing!

So here I am on April vacation, sitting at my computer in a highway DaysInn motel in lovely Harrisburg, PA.  I am dressed in my running clothes and waiting for my daughter to ready herself for a trip to the motel’s fitness center.  That’s what they call it, anyway.  It’s really a small room containing a treadmill, elliptical machine, and stationary bike.  We have an eight hour drive today to Charlotte, NC to visit UNCC and check out their architecture program.  I took yesterday off from running because we had a 9 am. tour at Roger Williams University in Bristol, RI, and also because I ran six days in a row.  But now, I need to move my body before we get back in the car for the day.  There is no way I am going to run outside here.  I do not have the safe vibe in this city!

Break—headed for the treadmill…

35 minutes later…

Worked up a good sweat, ran three and a half miles, but had enough of breathing in my own stink in that tiny room.  My daughter chugged along on the stationary bike beside me, not complaining, really, but none too pleased to be spending her free time this morning accompanying me on my run.  She despises cardio workouts, preferring weightlifting and core work.  At least we were safe and dry, as it is now pouring here in Harrisburg.  Showers for us both, in-room breakfast from home, vegan-friendly, of course.  I’m not exactly homesick, but sure do miss my ocean-side run, my soy cafe misto, and my own bathroom.  One college down, two to go.  Off to Charlotte!

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5 Comments on “Road Trip”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Hey Elizabeth,

    My niece is at UNCC. Her name is Elizabeth Shipman. If you and Savannah would like to meet her, I’ll giver her a call and see if she is available.

    Estate sale? Magic words. Let us know when & where and maybe we can at least provide moral support.

    Have a great trip! Much to tell you when you get back. Love, EW

    • Hi Elizabeth,

      We would love to meet your niece! We will be landing in SC tonight and visiting the campus tomorrow at 1. We were told to get there early b/c we are wait-listed for the 2 pm tour…but will be visiting the architecture college at UNCC at 1. I will check my email tonight, but you can give her my cell any time. That would be sooooo great!!!

      Miss you and Rayman so much! Love E.

  2. Craig Says:

    Wow! I did not even make the cut of the top three things you miss most about home…. not even above your own bathroom.

    Here’s hoping that you don’t dream at night that you are in kickboxing class and wake up pummeling me like a sparing partner.

    I used to say my parents were “savers” because they were children of the Great Depression, but I think it was actually genetic and that I have been passed down that gene. Good thing I have my personal “purger” to counter my genetic deficiencies. Hurry home!

  3. Craig Says:

    I suddenly feel so much better. Thank you.
    Side note: Avoid small rooms when working out. Definitely avoid sharing them.

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