My client arrives this morning and I greet her at the door, two medicine balls, two short fitness bands, and two pairs of gloves in my arms.  I have warned her to dress in layers, as we will be going outside for a good part of our session today.  We walk to the stop sign at the top of the hill, sharing the load of equipment.

“Go!” I urge, and we begin a power walk interval to the little park by Old Garden Beach.  We drop the medicine balls, 4 and six pounds, and the bands.  She looks at me, a bit nervous and self conscious.

“Okay.  We’re starting with push ups, just to get warmed up.”

We both groan as we do as many as we can— not the girl push ups with our knees on the ground, but the real thing.  We go until I look over and see her straining hard.

“Okay.  Little break.”

I count to ten.

“Go again.”

And so on.  We do jump squats, then grab the medicine balls.  We slam the balls into the soft, damp grass until I can see the green mashing into the dirt.  Then we smash the balls to the left and catch them, them to the right.  We toss the six pound ball back and forth.

“Throw with the left, catch with the right.  Now after you catch it, go around the world.”

I demonstrate, twirling the ball around my waist after I catch it, then toss it back to her.  We toss and catch standing on one foot.  We toss and catch, pass the ball under one leg and throw again.

We race back and forth across the park, tossing the ball, dribbling the ball.  We do squat throws.  We get down on all fours, move to plank, then walk like that half way across the park.

We are both panting and laughing when a man comes along with two big dogs.  (I know, more dogs!!!  Sorry.  But it’s true.)   Off leash.  The dogs are friendly, but it’s time to go back to my living room and finish up the session with glute strengthening and Super-sets.

When we are done, my client is tired, but she hugs me.

“Thanks, Elizabeth.  I love being your guinea pig!”

I can’t help it.  I am pumped after attending a fitness conference hosted by Exercise Etc., Inc. in Natick, MA last weekend.  The hotel conference rooms were packed with trainers; it was the first time I have been in the presence of so many of my professional peers.  The presenters were knowledgeable, experienced professionals in the fitness and nutrition fields.  Armed with the newest information in the areas of exercise science and nutrition, each expert gave a dynamic two hour PowerPoint presentation.

I had to choose between two classes for each two hour session and had a tough time prioritizing which lectures to attend.  Because my clients are all women, I chose the ones most pertinent in training them, talking myself into attending “Boot Camp Workout Drills” because I knew there would be new, fun exercises to mix into my personal training sessions.  I was smart enough to bring my laptop; I would never have been able to remember even a fraction of what I heard, especially during the boot camp workout drills presentation, as it was participatory.  Just to see where I stood along side my professional peers in fitness, I turned on the recorder on my laptop and jumped (no kidding— there was a lot of jumping!) right into it.  Since I did not have time to run on either day, and also because the first day was all lecture, two hours of drills felt mighty good.  I realized a couple of things on a personal level.  The first is that I have a lot of energy!  The second is that, although I sometimes still feel like the little girl I was in gym class with Mrs. Hermann, I was able to see that I am equally as fit if not more so than my peers.  I did my “barefoot thing” and although some of the trainers seemed a little bit freaked out about that, I demonstrated that you can be barefoot, safe and fast all at the same time.

I know it will take weeks of reviewing my notes and listening to the recorded lectures for everything presented to sink in.  I came home totally wired, demonstrating the 30 second push up to my son, revving up my clients’ sessions right away with new moves and fresh ideas.

Fitness rule for today:  Educate yourself.  You don’t need a trainer or a conference to do it, although it’s nice to have one or both.  There are lots of resources on the internet and on the newsstand to help you learn what the newest trends are in fitness.  Learn what you can, implement it into your fitness life, and pumped will replace boredom every time.

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