Wit’s End

This is a quickie— more coming later.  But just for now— what the (please pardon me) fuck is up with dog owners?  This morning a really big dog jumped out from behind a truck as I was running along Eden Road. He was broad in the shoulders, black, with brown markings on his face and body, and had a wide head.  I’m not sure what breed he was, but it doesn’t matter.  He was not a chipper little puppy.  He was a full-grown dog, the kind that looks like he was bred to be mean.  He bolted toward me, barking loudly and baring his teeth.  I did my usual stop and scream like a girl routine, remembered I had pepper spray in my pocket, yanked it out and pointed the tip at the dog, ready.

Fortunately for the dog, the owner popped his head around the corner of the truck and called it, or rather made some sort of command sound that caused the dog to stop advancing.

“Don’t worry!  He’s harmless.”

As the dog retreated with his owner, I heard someone else in the yard say, “Did you see her?”  And the he laughed.

Not funny.

I continued on, clutching the pepper spray tightly in my hand for the rest of the run.

I am truly at my wit’s end with dogs that are off-leash.

I did run 8.8 miles in 68 minutes.  I am pleased with my time today, but not so much with the cloud of anxiety hovering over me for the last half of my run.  Plea of the day–

Dear Dog Owners,

Please keep your dogs leashed when you are outdoors! I need to feel safe when I run.



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6 Comments on “Wit’s End”

  1. Craig Says:

    If that happens a couple more times, you’ll be the fastest draw in the west with that spray. Maybe the animal control officer will let you carry around some citations to hand out for violators of the town leash law.

  2. Susie Says:

    Where was this Elizabeth and what time of day? I thought I knew all the dogs on Eden Road.

    • It was almost across the street from your mailbox. Not Eden Pines, but the next house. It might have been someone working there.

      • Susie Says:

        OH, that was the chow. John, the owner of the house was just babysitting the dog while its owners were away. I am surprised he said the dog was harmless as he was having trouble with him (the dog bit JOhn 3 times). Anyways, it is all clear now as the chow has returned home to his owners and no longer at John’s house.

      • Glad to know I don’t have to be on the lookout there anymore! A little relief goes a long way. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

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