Food, Glorious Food: Vegan Recipes

Summer eating can be a challenge for cooks.  It’s hot, humid, and no one is interested in spending time in the kitchen slaving over the stove or teetering in front of the oven for long.  Eating out can be expensive, and can add a crazy amount of calories and fat to undermine fitness and weight loss goals.  I have been spending time in my kitchen, though, because I love to cook and I love to eat.  I willingly and happily sacrifice time each day to prepare lunches and dinners that meet my own tough standards:  lots of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and fiber, and also my family’s standards:  tasty meals that beat the heat.

The next few blogs will be devoted to easy summer recipes.  All the recipes are vegan, meaning without animals or animal products.  Don’t be scared!  Eating vegan does not mean only eating salad and a bunch of weird vegetables.  My family and dinner guests have never mentioned missing burgers, ribs, or chicken salad, nor have they left the table hungry.  As long as the food tastes good, everyone is happily full.  So get ready for a few days of recipes that beat the heat and are good to eat!

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