Two Goals for Me, One for Dad

Charles P. Pierce”s column in Yesterday’s Boston Globe Magazine section made me laugh out loud.  He referred to this time of year as “Indian Winter”.  I couldn’t agree more.  I rubbed my eyes hard in disbelief and looked again at the thermometer this weekend as I dressed for running.  It read 28 ° on Saturday, 32 ° on Sunday.  Last Saturday I wore shorts and a tank top.  This weekend I dressed in full winter gear, including gloves.  Sue and I ran together, pushing hard against the cold wind as we cranked up the hills.  I saw all the little spring green shoots struggling in the cold; crocus flowers looked shriveled and weak.  It felt like a set back for me as a runner, too.  If I had any little shoots forming, they have been chilled back into dormancy again.  Ice puddles dotted the sidewalk and roads, leaving my toes numb for most of my time out.  I struggled at the end, and because Sue is such a strong finisher, it took every ounce of energy I had left to keep up with her.  We stop our run when we reach her mailbox and walk up the long up-hill driveway to her house as our cool down.  I was cooled down well before we reached her front door.  I could hardly wait to rehydrate and go home to warm up in the shower.

Sunday’s run was just as cold; the wind pushed against me all the way out and some of the way home.  I kept seeing flashes of the Rocky movie— the one where Sly is running in deep snow with sled dogs— in my mind’s eye.  I’m going to be positive about this, though, and know that if I were planning on heading into the ring sometime this summer, I’d be strong enough to knock out my opponent in the first round.  (Since I don’t actually plan on becoming the next “Million Dollar Baby”, though, I’ll take it down a notch and just hope for a 6.5 min/mi instead.)

Although I have adjusted to winter far better since I have become a runner, I still prefer any of the other seasons.  I feel so much lighter and bouncier when the weather is warm!  I am grateful that at least the sun was out this weekend; all the rain last week kept me inside cross-training.  It looks like this week will be much the same—  more rain, so more p90-X, free weight training, and core work.  The end of the week is supposed to be warm and sunny.  My goal is to run 13.1 miles on Friday, so Thursday will be an easy run, Saturday a recovery run, and Sunday will be devoted to speed work.  I am interested to see if the P90-X helps me with my time.  All that explosive jumping has to be working miracles on my quads and hamstrings, never mind my heart.  Another sub-7 mile feels like a good second goal— for a warm day.

Side note:

My dad is dong very well in the rehab facility.  I visited him on Saturday.  He has been working on walking and taking care of himself; he participates in the activities available there, like Bingo, art class, movies, and concerts.  He seems quite happy, although is also glad to see my mom when she goes in to visit and check on him.  His goal is to be ready to go home in a week.   A heartfelt thanks goes out to all the readers who have commented, called and emailed asking how he is doing.  Thank you for sending prayers and good energy his way.

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