On Being a Glutton with a Touch of OCD

Remember the P90X routine of a couple of days ago?  The one that turned me, the speedy little show-off runner into a winded, super sweaty, and exhausted jumper?  The workout that left me unable to run for a couple of days (and I will also admit, unable to sit down comfortably for a couple of days, too)?  I decided, since I have been able to sit down without too much discomfort for the past hour or so, to give the workout another go.

It’s raining again; the hubby is home and happy to be off his recumbent bike for a strength training session with me before we indulge in our steel cut oats.  The weight training feels amazing, as usual, and I love to watch my husband attempt to mirror me as we go through a long series of upper body lifts.  I lead him through a short cardio burst at the end, and some gentle stretches so he will be able to carry on with his work day with a minimum amount of soreness.  I see the issue of Health Magazine on the ottoman in the living room and decide to take a glance at the workout again, wondering exactly which moves put me in such misery.

I try the first one.  Nope.  That’s fine.  The leaping up from the floor with my fists up actually feels good.  Kind of exciting, like a tough, kick-boxing frog.  I do all 25 reps.  Then I try the second one, the wide stance squat that involves circling the arms overhead like giant windshield wipers while leaping up, then landing softly back in the wide plié squat.   That’s fine too.  I hate to do just the couple, so I complete the set, 20 reps.  The third move, where I run in place four paces then jump both knees up to meet my waist-high-held elbows is actually very easy and fun.  It’s almost as good as running, and I only have to do 15 reps.  I’m warmed up, so move on to the flying lunges.  I raise my arms above my head, nice and straight, and drop one leg back behind me into the lunge.  I push off, leaping into the air and switch feet, landing in another lunge.  I can feel my butt complain a little bit; this must be one of the ones that really got me on Tuesday.  It doesn’t seem too bad today, at least not the one rep, so I try a few more.  By the time I reach 10, I figure I may as well go ahead and do the last 15 reps.  And since I have now completed four of the five moves, why not just finish up?  I do 25 reps of the lateral leap, careful to land softly back in the one-legged squat each time.  My fingertips graze the old wool rug, and the roughness makes me glad that at least today I have worn sneakers to protect my sore toe.

I stand panting, waiting to catch my breath for a minute.  Because, as you might guess, since I completed the sequence once and a full circuit means doing the sequence twice, I have to do it.  I cannot leave it half-finished.  I go through all the moves a second time and march in place for a couple of minutes to cool down at the end.  Nothing hurts, at least not yet.

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