Follow Up on Dad

My father has been transferred to a rehab center about one minute away from my parents’ home.  My mom can pop in any time of day or night; she told me that it’s a five star rated facility which pleases all of us.   The caregiver attending my dad not only brought his lunch on time, but also brought a sandwich for my mom.  Ham salad on “gummy white bread”, but it was a nice gesture.

My mom sounded exhausted but relieved when we spoke on the phone.  There were a million papers to sign, insurance information and drug lists to verify, and she managed to keep it all under control as she plowed her way through it.

Dad loves attention, so will enjoy the physical therapist, occupational therapist, and the myriad of other attendants who will be in to see him daily.  He’s on antibiotics for his infection and is wearing a walking cast.  He has a telephone in his room, so I called him this morning.  He’s in very good spirits!  He knew my voice right away and asked for everyone in my family.  It’s a good sign that he’s not disoriented.  He said his ankle still hurts, but that “the girls” would be getting him out of bed two times today.  He will be able to stay at the facility until he can walk again.  I know my mother will miss him while he’s there, but a break from care-taking will be good for her.  We are hoping he will make it home for Easter Sunday.

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10 Comments on “Follow Up on Dad”

  1. lise Says:

    sounds good for everyone.

  2. Pat Says:

    Great news about your Dad..Tell your mother to use his time in rehab to rest and refresh herself as life will be a bit more difficult for a while when he gets home…

  3. Elizabeth Watson Says:

    Thanks for the update, and it’s nice to hear you dad is doing well.

  4. Craig Says:

    Ditto to what Pat said. I’m glad he’s lucid as well as loving. Hopefully the walking cast will inspire some more walking.

  5. Sarah Says:

    Thinking of your family as your dad recovers! The “two paths” post was really poignant.

  6. Lisa Turk Says:

    Elizabeth, I am so sorry to hear that Vinnie fell but am glad he is getting such good care and is “on the mend”. I am sure Joan is missing him, but as others said, she needs to get some rest herself. Being a caregiver is a tough and exhausting job. Tell them I am thinking of them. With much love, Lisa

  7. Ellen Says:

    Hey there…Lisa just filled me in on Vinnie’s fall. Give him and Joan my best and here’s hoping for a speedy recovery! Know he is loving all the attention from “the girls” at the rehab. Bet he is charming them to death (and I mean that in the best possible way!) BTW…got another offer on the house we go again!

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