Still Free

Spring was in the air this morning, despite the thermometer’s dismal reading of 30 degrees.  I planned a slightly different route, one that involved leaving from my mechanic’s parking lot.  I tucked my driver’s license into my pocket, along with some extra tissues, dropped the car keys into the mail slot along with a little note to Mike and Jay (two fine young men, honest, fair, and good at what they do), to remind them why my car was there, and began my run along Granite Street.

Granite Street is one of the busiest roads in Rockport, and although there is some mighty fine scenery to be savored, there is also a substantial lack of sidewalk.  Drivers whiz by, ignoring the 20 mph speed limit.  What little sidewalk exists is lumpy and broken in many spots, so as I made my way toward Beach Street, I kept my head down, taking the cautious approach on the safest path available.  As I turned the corner at the crest of the hill bearing down along Back Beach and Front Beach, I took my eyes from the road to savor the view.  The sea shimmered a rich, dark blue-green, unruffled by the light breeze.  I held back on my pace, trying to take in as much as I could before I reached Main Street.

I ran through town, up Atlantic Ave., past my house, and then down Old Garden Road.  I didn’t have a plan, other than to pay attention to my body this morning.  I focused on determining if I had any sore muscles yet from the new shoes, but other than a couple of twinges in my right calf and left quads, my body seemed to be adapting to the shoes and the different muscles used with much less support underfoot.  I worked hard to slow down; my body is like a Jack Russell terrier let loose and I am having a hard time controlling it.  I read a lot about increasing distance and all the literature agrees that a runner should slow down and add about two minutes to each mile to be able to run longer.  It’s hard!

Our local DPW has done a fine job of removing the sand and debris from Penzance Road along Pebble Beach, but I kind of missed the short stretch of soft sand left by the big storm.  It has been almost two weeks, so I suppose it’s time the road was cleared.  I will miss those big piles of sand and the feeling of the earth giving way underfoot a bit with each step.

I chose the long loop on the way home, finally giving up on trying to slow down.  I sprinted the last 1/2 mile or so, still surprised at how much easier it is to run fast in the Nike Free shoes.  I ran 8 miles in 67 minutes.  That was with holding back.  It is also my “old” fast pace.  I failed to fuel up sufficiently to go for more than an hour today, but I’m still hoping for a longer run this week before the rain kicks in.   Tomorrow’s plan:  chia fresca,  a bigger breakfast, and  run until I’m done.

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