Chia Fever

Bubble tea.  Limeade.  Tapioca.  Summer.  Fresh.  That’s what I’m drinking at 6:30 this morning.  I’m standing in my kitchen with lunches to prepare, and instead, I am savoring my first glass of chia fresca, the new drink of my dreams.  This might sound crazy, but ever since I read about chia seeds in Born To Run, I have been itching to try them as they were described in the book.  The drink preparation for chia seeds is simple enough, but just how easy was it to get the seeds?  I went online and used the Google search engine.  Tons of links and websites turned up, and I checked out several, finally deciding to order from Puritan’s Pride.  They offered a buy 1 get 1 free, buy 2 get 3 free, but 4 get 6 free and so on deal, all with free shipping.  Of course, without even ever trying chia seeds, just trusting my gut, I decided on the buy 4 option.

Yesterday the UPS truck dropped off a box.  The chia seeds came in 1 lb. bottles; I had ordered 10.  The box looked big enough to hold a folded up third grader, and inside, nestled among those lovely disintegrating non-Styrofoam peanuts, were my seeds.  I felt a slight panic.  What if the seeds tasted funky?  What if I didn’t like the texture of the drink?  Would anyone else in my house want to share?  Who could I pawn them off onto if I had just had a big shopping accident?  I unpacked the box and convinced my daughter to help me hide nine of the containers in a safe, dry place.  I tucked one bottle of seeds behind our vitamins and supplements, hoping no one would notice it until I had a chance to see if the drink I had been fantasizing about was all I hoped it would be.

In the kitchen, my husband watches me measure out one scoop of chia seeds.  I pour them into a glass and add water.  I set the timer for 15 minutes and am about to stand beside it and wait when I realize I still have to do my Mom-in-the-morning job.  I start making lunches, cutting up vegetables for my daughter, scooping hummus into a container, preheating the thermos and warming brown rice and Kim chee in the microwave.  The timer goes off, and I use, at my husband’s suggestion, our milk frothing tool to mix lime juice and honey into my seeds.  I take a small sip.  I hand the glass to my husband.  He takes a sip.  We grin.

The seeds, having been soaked for 15 minutes, have developed a slightly gelatinous coating, much like small tapioca or the wildly popular Asian Bubble Tea found in many Asian markets and restaurants.  The honey and fresh lime juice taste like summer and remind me of the real Lime Rickies I  ordered when my aunt treated me to Brigham’s when I was a kid.  The chia fresca slips down my throat quickly.   I look down and am surprised to see the  empty glass in my hand.  It must be what like what gummy vitamins are to little kids— that much nutrition and fiber all in an I-can’t-wait-to-have-more-of-this-stuff-right-away taste and texture sensation.  Hmm.   All from a spoonful of chia seeds?  Yes!

I move through the rest of my morning routine,  jumping right into drop sets and core training after I take my daughter to school.  I’m full of energy, but not sure if it’s actually from the chia fresca or what I expect from it.  Either way, I’m going to drink it until it’s gone, and am willing to share it with my family.  Then I’m going to order more.  I have a funny feeling that the next box might be big enough to fit a folded me inside.

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7 Comments on “Chia Fever”

  1. Lynne Says:

    I also recently discovered chia seeds and LOVE them. I put them in greek yogurt with almonds in the morning before I leave for work and by the time I eat my breakfast they are gooey and yummy. Three of my favorte foods:)

    • Three of mine, also! Happy you are still reading. Are you still running?

      • michelle Says:

        That Chia sounds very interesting. I want to
        try!! Loved more, hearing about what you made
        your daughter for lunch. That is a girl after
        my own heart. Love that. I’m sure she realizes
        how lucky she is, your making such a fabulous

  2. Craig Says:

    That first sip was sooooo good. I’m glad you bought ten pounds of those things. I’m going to start joining you in that ritual. If you didn’t hide them too well.

  3. Craig Says:

    Thanks for all the links. Very helpful stuff.

  4. Sharon Says:

    I will have to try some too!

  5. Craig Says:

    Here’s the milk frother Elizabeth was referring to:

    There are lots of variations available, but this one works great with the chia fresca.

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