Almost There

This morning I ran 12.3 miles.  It took me 1 hour 43 minutes, averaging 8:26 min/ mi.  I never considered stopping; I didn’t need to.  My mind and my body came together in the way I dream of for each run— cooperating with each other so that I run one little step at a time and take myself all the way.  I think I could have gone the last .8 for 1/2 marathon distance, but I’d like to save that goal to look forward to midweek.  It seems attainable and reasonable at last.

Just a few months ago I dreamed of finishing an 8 mile run.  When I finally did, it was hard. Today’s run was relaxed and easy; when I repeated the long loop, I barely noticed it was the second time around.  Winter training is paying off in unexpected ways; on days like today when it’s not freezing but still is cold, and the wind is not looking for an out-and-out battle with me, the extra miles just slip by.  It sounds crazy to hear myself say I ran 12 + miles this morning, and that craziness pleases me beyond measure.

Total miles this week:  40.2.

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4 Comments on “Almost There”

  1. rundadrun Says:

    Congrats on the “easy 12”. Great post.
    Happy running,

  2. Sharon Says:

    Elizabeth, you are already there! You may have to change your goal from half marathon to marathon!

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