Sunday Company

Sue is dressed for a much warmer morning than is actually true today, and she hurries back upstairs to add another layer.  She still wears less than I wear, but I like knowing I will be guaranteed warmth, even if I’m a little over-dressed.  We take off from her house, trotting down her long, sloped driveway, then speed up as we cross the road and head down South Street.  We are bad judges today of warm-up  pace; we hit our first turn at about tempo speed and continue that way until we are well into the run.  She reminds me, as if I didn’t notice, that we are off to a very fast start.  We chat a lot this morning, despite the speed.  Sue tells me about the class she is taking for her ongoing physical therapy training, and I am intrigued, hearing to new information about hips injuries and group treatment decisions.  I tell her about the owl on Eden Road and my excitement at finding it and taking a picture.  We run by there, but the owl is not in the hollow today.

Running together is still an unexpected pleasure for me.  I never thought I would like running with someone else because I was worried— about keeping up, about not listening to music, and about distance.  With Sue, I think because we are pretty well matched, I love it.  We go a little faster, and sometimes a little farther than we might have gone if we were on our own.  There is the tiniest bit of healthy, underlying competition between us.  I can feel it in us both, and it works.  I have definitely improved my finishing pace, and Sue has improved her uphill pace.  Today, our average pace was 8:13 min/mi, 12 seconds per min/mile shaved from last week’s run.  That includes a little stop to look for the owl, so not bad.  We totaled 6.26 miles this morning.

I’m still thinking about fitness rules. Realizing how happy I was to share my running time with my friend this early Sunday morning, another rule becomes clear.   Keep Good Company.  Keeping Good Company means sharing some of your fitness time with a friend.  It might mean scheduling a walk with your neighbor, or planning a long bike ride on the weekend with your kids or your spouse.   It could also mean taking a yoga or spin class together with your best friend, or dragging your kayak out to the local boat ramp, hopping into it with the guy next door,  and rowing along the shoreline of a local beach for an hour.  It could even mean hiring a trainer once a week to help you stay focused.  The point is to move your body for at least half an hour with someone else who wants to move their body too.  Time flies when you are with someone you like while doing something you both think is fun.  You might go longer, faster, or with more intensity and not even realize what you have accomplished because you were enjoying the company of another person.  Why should we think we have to do everything alone?

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4 Comments on “Sunday Company”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    This is a really good rule you’ve realized, and one I will need to spend some time thinking about.

    • I am always amazed at how time flies when I have someone to exercise with. Sometimes it’s just good to have something to do with a friend, and the fitness aspect is secondary. Either way, it works!
      Thanks for reading!
      xo, E.

  2. Pat Says:

    Nice thought !

  3. Craig Says:

    Fitness Rule #2, excellent idea. Keep them coming. They make so much sense.

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