This morning I ran 8 miles.  It was colder than yesterday, and I kept wishing I had worn the turtle fur scarf.  At least I had the sense to wear a hat!  I wanted to make my goal for the day mostly because I hate to disappoint myself, but also because I am training for a race.  I haven’t decided on which one yet, but definitely feel it’s time to go for a PR and see where I stand (run) under a little pressure from someplace other than within myself. I’m looking for a 10K sometime this spring.

I have to express my gratitude for music on a day like this—I recently created a playlist from my iTunes library I titled “Runner’s Delight” that includes some of my all-time favorite music, mostly fast and all with lyrics that inspire me to move.  I confess to stopping by my house at mile 6 to smear pommade on my cheeks and let out a little coffee, but I only stopped for three minutes, then bounded back out to finish the run.  The music is what helped me maintain my pace.  The list starts off with a couple of slower tempo songs for warm-up, then goes right into tunes that trick my brain into thinking that running is really the hottest dance floor craze in existence.  Some of the songs seem like they were made for running, like “Middle of the Road” by The Pretenders,  “Hey Ya” by OutKast, and “Pump It” by the Black Eyed Peas.  There’s also a couple of songs by Notorious B.I.G., (‘Sky’s The Limit’ is great!), The Corrs, The Propeller Heads, and the charming Belle and Sebastian, whose retro 70’s sound and wild and sometimes sexy lyrics make me grin as I sprint.  Moby’s there, with “Honey”, “Body Rock”, “Run On”, and South Side”.  And finally, India Arie, whose lyrics make any woman feel like she’s perfect just the way she is.

These songs all have their own tempos, and I can lengthen or shorten my stride, increase the intensity a little or a lot to maintain the rhythm in a way that lets me maintain my speed.  These songs work for me because they reflect a lot of my feelings and experiences, and have beats and rhythms I love.  They are written and performed by artists whose whose lyrics touch me and inspire me, whose sounds make me want to move my body.  They motivate me to keep running.

For anyone out there looking for inspiration to get going or to keep going, even on lazy feeling days, on icy cold days, on little aches and pains days, music is a great way to lose your attachment to the ease of quitting.  It’s one of my top recommendations as a trainer.  You can draw more from yourself when music becomes a part of your workout.  It has to be the kind of music that calls out to you.  The music that makes you want to sing along, even if you don’t know the words, even if there aren’t any words.   Even if you are running your hardest and have to sing in your head.

What music motivates you?  Go make your playlist and get out there!

Today:  8 miles.  64 minutes.

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