Follow Up

Some readers have asked how my friend who had brain surgery made out.  I found out today.  As I ran along Eden Road I saw her partner, out walking the adorable puppy they adopted near the end of summer.  I stopped to ask how things went, and she joyfully told me all was well.  The operation went smoothly, and after only one night in ICU, and another day in care, my friend came home on Friday, feeling pretty good.  The doctors decided the best way to treat her was to block a main artery to stop the regrowth of the aneurysm, and although she will be on blood thinners for a month, the prognosis is excellent.  I hugged the woman, petted the golden ball of fur bouncing by my feet, and continued along the puddled road.  The puppy looked after me longingly as I returned to my run, and I waved to them both, the pleasure of the news buoying me for the rest of my loop.

Today’s run was an easy recovery one, pain-free.  It served as an extended cooldown of yesterday’s run.  I took the usual route, into the wind.  The sun was shining and playing along the water, the waves were  bigger swells than usual, but contained by the beach.  I found myself grinning all the way home.

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