Taking Off

No lies.  I did take today off from running.  Last night I took my teenager out to dinner in Boston and then to see the band Train at the House of Blues.  The concert was wonderful!  Uncle Kracker opened, and rocked the house.  Then Train took the stage and the crowd went crazy.  Train’s reunion is a blessing.  The lead singer is talented, as well as a lady’s man who knows how to play a crowd.  We danced and sang along to every song, and of course, Drops of Jupiter was performed full throttle.  The songs they played from their new record are catchy and sweet.  There are some serious lyrics, with a touch of humor and lightness thrown in.  I was surprised to find far less of the teeny-bopper crowd there, and far more women “of a certain age” – even more of a certain age than I am!  I have been to the HOB before, and that cement floor is a killer to stand on for four hours.  My legs ache, my back aches, my feet ache.  How can I run 8 miles and feel fine but not be able to stand still without pain?  I had to fight my way through the crowd and stand beside a wall to stretch twice during the concert.  We were unable to find a rail-edged spot so we could lean, which I have discovered makes a big difference for my body.  We returned home by 11, which was a good thing for my teenager, who still had homework to complete.

Today was a weights and core day.  I added the jumbo hula hoop as a warm up and grooved to Ben Harper all alone in the middle of the living room.  Whew!  Do I know how to have fun or what?  The weights actually make me feel super strong and powerful, so it makes the run break a bit less sad.  I cannot believe I just wrote that.  It’s true, though.  I feel like I’m missing something crucial on the days I don’t run. It’s the peace in the rhythm of the run, and the absolute presence of that movement in time that feel so good.   Ask my family- they’ll probably say I’m grumpier on my days off- and much nicer on the days I kick my butt running all over town.

Tomorrow is a run day, also a holiday, so I’ll run a bit later than usual.  The goal for tomorrow is 6 miles in 50 minutes or less.  The route?  Mostly coastal, including views of the Twin Lights of Thatcher Island from Eden Road, then along the marshes on Penzance Road where red-winged blackbirds hang out on tall waving grasses.  I’m aiming for a sprint along Pebble Beach, a recovery jog up the endless hill of South Street, and finishing strong (8 mph is strong for me) the last 2 miles.  The weather looks perfect- mid 50s, slightly overcast.  May the wind be in my favor!

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2 Comments on “Taking Off”

  1. joan kelley Says:

    Do you work? Sounds like all you do is run and pontificate on your web site.

    I admire your attitude embracing a healthy lifestyle. However, you clearly need to get a life.

    Oh, please do not respond.

    Do you have kids? Wow, how are they?

  2. Gotta love this comment. This woman clearly missed the title page of my blog, and the ‘about’ section that explains why I started to write about this aspect of my life. It is, after all, about running. Perhaps she works too much and should consider running as a way to relieve some of that stress?

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