The Day After 8

Yesterday I finally made my goal of running 8 miles!  My friend Sue and I met at 9 o’clock  and ran together.  We took two brief walk breaks, blasted the final 2 miles together, split up, and I finished the last 1.5 alone.  I felt great- no aches, no pains, although I did go to sleep for the night at about 8 pm.  The weekend was pretty fun-packed, so it might not have been all about the miles…so I told myself no run tomorrow.

I woke up this morning feeling rested and went about the usual business of drinking coffee and kefir, preparing lunches for hubby and teenager, and driving the teenager to school.  I did dress in running clothes because I am such a liar!  Of course I ran today.  I did an easy 5 mile loop in the usual time.

I told my good friend who set up this blog for me about making my goal.  She suggested I try a road race.  I was honest when I told her that I am just plain chicken.  I’m afraid to run with a bunch of people I don’t know, trying to place or hit a PR.  I know I don’t have to do either of those things, but I am accustomed to competing with myself, so am certain I would feel the urge to compete with the other runners.  She sweetly mentioned that it might be nice to have something to train for- and all along I thought I was training for life!  (And, to be honest, logging 30 miles each week helps me keep my perky appetite in check, as well as allowing me a bold number of calories to consume each day.)   Perhaps I will consider a 5K come spring…

I think I will take tomorrow off, at least from running.  I can work on core muscles, and upper body.  It’s a good day to give the legs a little break- besides, I like to see muscle definition in this middle-aged body!  Makes me feel young. And strong!

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5 Comments on “The Day After 8”

  1. Robin Says:

    Wow, Gazelle Legs. We of the stubbly short sort salute you!

  2. Ellen Says:

    You are killing me! Good for you on meeting your 8 miles goal. I don’t think I could walk that far. I’m all for your doing a competitive road race. I think you’d love it! Keep up the good work and think of me as I get fatter and fatter! Love that institutional food!

  3. Lisa Turk Says:

    You are doing so well. 8 miles. I got up to 5 on the treadmill, but walking fast not running. Just can’t get the running on a treadmill thing down pat. Yes, I agree with Ellen, a road race would be a great goal.

  4. joan kelley Says:

    How are the kids Liz?

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